WAYPOINT Creative Hires Gregory Delfosse as VP, Strategy & Creative

Gregory Delfosse joins WAYPOINT Creative


WAYPOINT Creative is excited to announce that Gregory Delfosse has been named the new VP, Strategy and Creative.

With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Mr. Delfosse started his career with the multinational company Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., namely for PlayStation. He was responsible for the management and the coordination of Public Relations and also developed and implemented communication support programs for the company’s strategic partners. He provided strong leadership in creating robust marketing initiatives for Sony.

Mr. Delfosse was the founder and CEO of Bcom Agency, an international consulting company specializing in Marketing, Events, and Press Relations with offices in Paris and Los Angeles. Though he is a native of France, he has lived and worked in Southern California since 2013.

As Vice President, Mr. Delfosse will be responsible for driving the development of strong professional partnerships as well as leading the WAYPOINT team of marketing artists. He will drive revenue and contribute to the marketing and business strategy of WAYPOINT as a whole. 

“Gregory gives his all to every client, every project, every idea. He treats every aspect of creative work as though he was the creator”, said WAYPOINT founder and CEO Sean Murrin, adding that “Gregory consistently stands out in an increasingly competitive field.”

We are overwhelmingly proud to welcome Mr. Delfosse to the WAYPOINT team.